The city of Conduaute (roughly translated to “Cage of God”, but usually referred to as the City of Cons) is built around the old fortress the Tarrasque was bound in. Around the walls of the old fortress spreads the cities marketplace, a collection of buildings, huts, and stands that extends a mile out from the walls in all directions. Inside the walls themselves are inns, taverns, residential areas, and factories that process the blood, organs, skin, and viscera of the Tarrasque, as well as higher end shops. At the far end of the city, opposite the main gate, stands the Blood Tower. In that tower resides the Blood Lords, those who have established themselves as the governing body of both the Sentinels and the city itself. In the very center of the city, in an area which the Tower overlooks, sits the Harvest. This area, a great pit, is the prison of the god-beast around which the city is built. Workers toil in the pit all day, every day in order harvest as much of the beast as possible. Marrow Miners attempt to extract the useful bits of bone and cartilage within the beast. The Carvers, as their name suggests, carve chunks of meat from the Tarrasque. The Sentinels keep watch over the beast and the workers, ensuring nothing endangers the wards that keep the beast in place. The Sentinels are what the Binders of God have become over the years and still take their job very seriously despite their fall in power and prestige. Other miscellaneous workers harvest various parts of the Tarrasque, but don’t belong to any particular organization.


The fortress the city was founded upon was first built roughly 500 years ago. It’s original purpose is unknown, but it is generally assumed it was simply a border outpost for the soldiers of Ralia, a major kingdom of the time. A decade after its completion is when the Tarrasque first made itself known. Where it had been sleeping or why it chose that particular time to awaken no one knows. At first, they didn’t even know what the beast was. All they knew was that it was rampaging through the continent, toppling kingdom after kingdom through sheer destruction. Heroes across the land made their attempts at the beast’s life and some even succeeded. The Tarrasque, however, simply could not be stopped. After making its way across the continent, it finally came to the final bastion of civilization: Ralia. It was here that a group of legendary heroes, stronger than had ever been seen before, appeared seemingly from nowhere. The heroes lured the Tarrasque to Conduaute and trapped it by pinning the beast to the earth with great pylons of power and stone. Unfortunately, the kingdom of Ralia was destroyed before the Tarrasque could be stopped. The heroes formed a sacred order, the Binders of God, whose sole duty was to repeatedly kill the Tarrasque in order to keep the creature weak and bound beneath the pylons. The heroes left Conduaute and have yet to be seen again.

The ritualistic killing of the Tarrasque continued in its intended manner for several years. However, with the departure of the Ascension Society, corruption and greed wormed its way into the Binders. One of its members realized that the meat and organs of the creature could be valuable. He left the Binders and formed a new order: The Blood Lords. This organization dedicated itself to the study of the Tarrasque and the uses of its body and blood. They discovered that parts of the creature could be used in a variety of means and some portions were particularly powerful. They hired a collection of beggars, monsters, and society’s outcasts to perform the first harvest. These first miners would go on to form the Marrow Miners and the Carvers. As a result of the Blood Lords’ discovery, the economy of the small town exploded. The Lords controlled the supply of material and established themselves as the aristocracy of the city. People came from all over to work, trade, and stockpile material from the Tarrasque, quickly turning the small fort town into one of the largest cities on the continent.


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